The Easy Solution to Cutting Around Pipes

Using the PipeEASY Tool

Wave goodbye to problematic pipes & awkward angles

The PipeEASY tool is our top-selling easy to use tool that's been designed to help trades both precisely cut around protruding pipework and navigate around awkward angles.

Innovative in design, the PipeEASY tool works with all surfacing materials and is incredibly easy to use for both professional trades & beginner DIYers.

Using PipeEASY is... well, EASY.

For more than just cutting around pipes

Frequently asked questions

No. We've designed the PipeEASY to do more than just cut around pipe. You can also use the PipeEASY to cut around awkward angles like staircases, doorways and more.

The PipeEASY tools work with all flooring surfaces, such as vinyl, laminate, tile, herringbone and more.

We've designed the PipeEASY tool to be super easy to use, so no matter where you're a professional flooring fitter or a beginner DIYer, the PipeEASY tool is easy to master.

As always, if you need any support with using your tool, drop us a message and we'll be more than happy to give you a hand with your new PipeEASY tool.

Depending on the size of the angle you're working with, a sliding bevel can often be too small to get a perfect finish.

And whilst there's many ways to cut around awkward angles and protruding pipework, we've designed the PipeEASY to be the fastest and easier way to get the job done.

With every PipeEASY, we've included a wedge to help you navigate 10mm, 15mm, 22mm, 32mm & 40mm pipework.